One Question, Many Answers #4

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “writing”?


“Creation, exploration, discover, joy, hope.”

–Rosalie Dobbs (Writer)


“My writing desk in my office; four bookcases overflowing with books.”

–Daphne Chennault (Author)
Chief Thief


“Telling stories either ‘professionally’ or for fun, like fan fiction.”

Sheryl R. Hayes (Author)
Alterna-Teas (short story in anthology)


“I want to do it right now.”

–Adrienne Foster (Author)
Bay Area Ghost Hunters


“‘Writing’ is first.  🙂  Then, ‘waking.’  Waking up and writing.  Right after a pot of coffee.”

–James Beach (Author)
Two-Fisted Jesus Tales


What do you think?