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One Question, Many Answers #6

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “reading”?


“Uh, reading? Trick question? Actually consuming the written word rather than scanning or skimming through it.”

–ELF (Author and fan)
Taj Mutt Hall Dog Diary
Word Whirled



–Douglas Berry (Author and fan)
Make a Wish Foundation–SF Bay Area



–Norman (Fan at BayCon 2017)



–Fiddlerbird (Fan at BayCon 2017)


“Relaxing time.”

–Elond Castro (Fan at BayCon 2017)


“Adventure, discovery, joy.”

–Rosalie Dobbs (Writer)


“An easy chair with a pile of books on an end table.  A glass of water or sherry nearby.”

–Daphne Chennault (Author)
Chief Thief


“Not enough time to read, and I want the library in ‘Beauty and the Beast.'”

Sheryl R. Hayes (Author)
Alterna-Teas (short story in anthology)



–Adrienne Foster (Author)
Bay Area Ghost Hunters


“Pain.  It hurts my back where I usually sit to read, on my bed.  I still do it.  I need to clear the clothes off my chair. 🙂 ”

–James Beach (Author)
Two-Fisted Jesus Tales