Words are fun, and images are fun, so I’ve built a number of websites over the years. Before handy webdesign software existed, I coded html stroke by stroke (labor intensive) and had fun with Perl. Here is one of the relics as well as a more recent site.

boardgame-logo-smallBoardgame Freak

What can I say? I’m a boardgame addict.

frogfork-avatar-100-optFrog Fork Tales

Spencer Farthing, one of my characters, has a blog for his Frog Fork: A Series of Extremely Short Novels.


Want to hear an unedited interview from long ago about my YA novel, Bead’s Pickle?  Okay.



Sometimes, life is anything but fun.

Rat in the Walls: Caregiving

In a series of YouTube videos, I look at my blog posts about caregiving and grief during the final year in which my brother was dying of ALS. I blogged as Ratty on a blog called Rat in the Walls, and I haven’t read the posts since I wrote them.

My brother died in 2008, and I stopped blogging. In 2014, I revisited the blog long enough to change my profile on Blogger to use my real name, explaining:

“When I first started on Blogger, my handle was Ratty, maintaining anonymity so that in my Rat in the Walls blog I could write about my brother’s fatal illness without giving away his identity. Under that pseudonym, I could voice things I couldn’t elsewhere. Rats thrive in the dark. ::: Now, five years after his death in 2008, I’m coming out of the walls and reclaiming my humanity.”

Now, in 2017, I’m ready to reclaim my words.

So, here’s the project:  as I open each post and look at it for the first time since my brother died, I’m going to make a video recording in which I read the post aloud and say something about it.

I don’t remember much about the posts, except the following:

  • They are short.
  • Some of them state a brief lesson about caregiving that I learned that day.
  • Some of them respond implicitly to the post that my brother made in his blog that day or a preceding day.

Every few days, I’ll open another post, read it aloud, and respond to the rat.

The YouTube channel for the videos is at

Here’s a link to the first video, made late at night while looking at the first post.

The first blog post says:

Title: Knock Knock

Scurrying, nibbling, hiding. That’s the Rat in the Walls. Knocking about at night, avoiding the light, coveting the cheese.

You only see the leavings: the dry little kernels that trace Rat’s passage through your cupboards; the holes gnawed behind your stove. The fruits of your labor, tooth-marked, scattered.

The Rat lurks in your back brain.

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