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Firefly Talk


A found poem from snippets of Joss Whedon dialogue


the raggedy edge
all orderly like
I do not hold to that

we aim to misbehave

caught a wave;
gonna bounce it down to you
it don’t mean nuthin’
out here in the black


I Blither Happily



Anne Barwell interviewed me about Beneath the Skin, my writing, and other pressing topics:


The World of Steam

I’m helping fund The World of Steam‘s Kickstarter project.  Their proposed series of steampunk episodes intrigues me.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

Gonna watch this on YouTube.


“When I walk in the Con / This is what I see / All the other Spocks start starin’ at me.”

–Scrimshankrecords.  “Trekkies and We Know It”.  (Parody of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.”)  Music video. You Tube. Quote from the subtitles.  Web.


“On April Fools’ Day, journalists from every media take advantage of the occasion to pass off fabricated stories as news. While entertaining, these media hoaxes flout journalistic ethics and disappoint the public’s expectation that the media are reliable arbiters of truth. This play arises from and dramatises the incongruities of the journalistic obligation to entertain as well as inform. Further, hoaxes uncover the media’s role in the social construction of reality. They challenge commonsense epistemology by proving that fiction can be indistinguishable from fact, even when it is news.”

–Moira Smith. Abstract of “Arbiters of Truth at Play: Media April Fools’ Day Hoaxes.” Folklore 120.3 (2009): 274-290. Quote on page 274.  Web.


“Every 30 seconds or so, the algorithmic bull pen of Narrative Science, a 30-person company occupying a large room on the fringes of the Chicago Loop, extrudes a story whose very byline is a question of philosophical inquiry. The computer-written product could be a pennant-waving second-half update of a Big Ten Basketball contest, a sober preview of a corporate earnings statement, or a blithe summary of the presidential horse race drawn from Twitter posts. The articles run on the websites of respected publishers like Forbes, as well as other Internet media powers (many of which are keeping their identities private). Niche news services hire Narrative Science to write updates for their subscribers, be they sports fan, small-cap investors, or fast-food franchise owners.”

–Steven Levy. “The Rise of the Robot Reporter.” Wired May 2012: 132-139. Quote on pages 132,134.




WHAT: Geek & Sundry, the highly-anticipated premium YouTube channel and company founded by Felicia Day and the team behind the hit web series The Guild, will be launching the three new shows on their channel and a special music video ‘I’m The One That’s Cool.’ The channel launch today will also include a new trailer of the upcoming show, Sword & Laser, as well as the YouTube debut of The Guild.”

–“Media Alert: Geek and Sundry Launches.” Geek and Sundry. April 3, 2012. Web.


“We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers. We study the mysteries of laser and circuit, crystal and scanner, holographic demons and invocation of equations. These are the tools we employ, and we know many things.”

–J. Michael Straczynski. “Geometry of Shadows.” Babylon 5 (season 2, episode 3). Lines spoken by Elric, the Technomage.


“The journey forges on as the shadows deepen. Armed with a new commander and a fortified sense of purpose, Babylon 5 continues its often perilous but always vital peace mission among the five competing races that inhabit it, each variously comprised of diplomats, smugglers, terrorists and dreamers.”

–Back blurb on the boxed set of DVDs of the Complete Second Season of Babylon 5.