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Firefly Talk


A found poem from snippets of Joss Whedon dialogue


the raggedy edge
all orderly like
I do not hold to that

we aim to misbehave

caught a wave;
gonna bounce it down to you
it don’t mean nuthin’
out here in the black


Firefly LARP Bay Area

The Firefly LARP yesterday was a blast! I got to NPC a booby-trapped corpse, several townsfolk, an explosive-wielding safe-cracking thug, and a cultist whose four-year-old daughter was appropriated by one of the PCs. Shiny!

The next event is in December: Firefly LARP Bay Area

Firefly Game for Mac

I’m thinking hopeful thoughts about the possibility that I’ll be able to play a Firefly-inspired game on my Mac.  I get frustrated when stuff is only playable on a console.  Of course, I dunno how good the game will be . . . .