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Firefly Game for Mac

I’m thinking hopeful thoughts about the possibility that I’ll be able to play a Firefly-inspired game on my Mac.  I get frustrated when stuff is only playable on a console.  Of course, I dunno how good the game will be . . . .


Star Trek meets Settlers of Catan

Star Trek version of Settlers of Catan. Must have!

#startrekcatan on the #coffeetableofcatan at #genconhttp://instagr.am/p/OZEhTFyJJe/


“The Poet meets a skulking gaggle of suspicious figures. You observe the meeting from the shelter of a rat-ridden rubbish heap. He asks a great many excited questions. What are the latest outrages perpetrated by the Masters of the Bazaar? Are the heights of the Flit still safe from the Constables? What is the next target for the next bombing?

The Poet’s acquaintances are clearly anarchists, but they’re not telling him much. They’re more interested in the package he’s carrying. He hands it over. They open it to check the contents: pies. The Starving Poet has been starving himself to feed anarchists.”

–Storylet in Fallen London online game.  Web.


“Now that water’s done what the sun and the wind couldn’t do: it’s made those landholders brave enough to take matters into their own hands. Now they’ll use whatever means they can to bowl over the competition and lay claim to the only fertile spots left in town! Now the only thing stoppin’ ’em is the Town Charter Amendment #5, which states: ‘no landholder may move, remove, or detonate any outhouse without a majority vote of the Town Citizens…’ Now one thing’s for sure: something’s gonna stink in Rossdorf, purty darn soon…..”

–Product description for Wacky Wacky West. Game designed by Klaus Teuber. Sold by Mayfair Games. Web.