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Firefly Talk


A found poem from snippets of Joss Whedon dialogue


the raggedy edge
all orderly like
I do not hold to that

we aim to misbehave

caught a wave;
gonna bounce it down to you
it don’t mean nuthin’
out here in the black


Progrep 38: That’s the Trouble Right There

Today, Leaves Turning Copper said,  “I dreamt it.”  To which, Hisham replied, “See, that’s the trouble right there.”

Progrep 27: Question

Spencer asks, “So, are we thinking this is the normal sort of trauma a kid might suffer when his dad dies and his almost-uncle is an idiot?”

Progrep 20: Twitch and Chat

Sometimes it seems as if my characters are just one big mass of body language and dialogue, twitching and chatting their way from scene to scene.  Things happen, and they flock together to talk about it.  More things happen, and they talk about that, too.  And they twitch.

Nod, smile, laugh, cough, hem, haw, choke.  Clear throat, raise brow, lift leg, slap. Throw glance, toss  head, push bangs, wail.  Flush face, cry tears, bend back, pull.

Lord almighty, stop!