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Backstage at Convolution 2014

Here I am backstage many hours before the masquerade at Convolution 2014, as yet unaware of how I am heading ever deeper behind the curtain.

I contemplate the consequences of saying yes.


Overheard at Convolution 2014

Random comments overheard at Convolution 2014 this past weekend, stripped of their conversational context and written as a list in the order they floated by:

“I can set out the tablecloth once.”

“I’ve already cut you there, and you’re going to bleed out.”

“I’m back again. Again.”

“I’m on my way to the kinky panel. I’m a good sister.”

“I have trouble openings things anyway. Lace gloves don’t help.”

“I have a pen. Do you have a pen?”

“Thankfully, someone was hurt, so it was transferred off my desk.”

“I’m having so much bustle and ruffle envy right now.”

“Number one rule of costuming: go to the bathroom first.”

“We are going to do a video of me.”

“She has achieved cleavage!”

Science Fiction and Fact Charm Bracelet

I spent the past three days at Convolution 2014, tabling, networking, and supporting friends and strangers in their writing, publishing, and costuming endeavors.  I’m exhausted!

Here’s my reward:  a charm bracelet from Springtime Creations, featuring the Tardis, K-9, a Cyberman head, a Dalek, Buzz Aldrin, and Maria’s head from Metropolis.

The Buzz Aldrin figure is a particularly meaningful find, because my nephew’s middle name is Aldrin (yep, in honor of Buzz).