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Prorep 34: Fiddling

I’m turning sentences this like:

A small stippled fish darted forth from the fool’s gold to nibble at the tree’s roots.

into sentences like this:

A small stippled fish nibbled the tree’s roots.

I may turn them back again.  Because fiddling.

Progrep 15: Premature Edit

Every morning, I reread the previous day’s writing, which helps me keep heading in the right direction, but in the process of rereading, I find that I’m editing–tweaking sentences for rhythm and so on.  I know better than to do sentence-level editing in a first draft, but I end up doing it anyway.  That’s slowing me down.

Progrep 9: Doctoring

This morning I finished chapter five, editing infelicities before I move on to chapter six.  You could say I’ve been doctoring the doctor scene.  🙂