bCourses = be curses

UCB’s bCourses continues to whup my ass. I see the benefit of having a content management system, but it doesn’t seem to be able to do what I want it to do — simple things, like print the online syllabus in larger font rather than make me create two versions, one online and one offline for printing. Having two versions just increases the possibility of error. And what happens when bCourses is down or slow? Or when students can’t access the internet?

So far, prep that usually takes three hours has taken three days . . . and I haven’t even started on the argument course.


3 responses to “bCourses = be curses

  1. What annoying changes. I am especially sorry for all the extra time you are having to spend & still not finding yourself where you should be. (Did I say that right?!)

  2. Uploading extra soft pillow for you to sit on.

  3. I’m just whining. I’m starting to see the benefits of bCourses, but the things it can’t do are throwing me.

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