What’s the Word For . . .

parcheesi-markers-optWhat’s the word when you make the wrong move that saves the day?

Yesterday in parcheesi, I made a totally unnecessary and by the numbers risky move that didn’t even set up anything useful, and it accidentally allowed me to blot my opponent and zoom ahead to win the game. There was nothing calculated, no percentage being played. The move was entirely without reason, and in fact exposed me to a high-percentage likelihood of being blotted myself.

This must happen in higher stakes environments: relationships, war.  It seems like there should be a word for it.

I don’t mean lucky, or stupid. I’m not even sure I’m looking for an adjective.

Is there a word for that theoretically wrong and actually pointless (and probably unintentional) but ultimately situation-saving action?

Huh.  Maybe just life.

3 responses to “What’s the Word For . . .

  1. “Dumb luck” comes to mind; but, you already said luck is not an acceptable term. Blind faith? You were definitely playing with reckless abandon!

  2. And it includes “dumb”, which is in essence equivalent to “stupid”–so two strikes against the term. I keep thinking that some culture may have a range of subtly nuanced words for this sort of occurrence, but darned if I know.

  3. Nope, don’t know either. Serendipity came to mind, but it’s only half right. Happenstance? Lucky break…oh there’s that word lucky again.

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