Progrep 62: Part Three Thunk

Huzzah!  I see a way to tighten the beginning of part two (taking a tip from Joss Whedon, I’m going to concentrate on the “Maggie of it”).  Rather than tighten it and the rest of part two now, I’ll move on to part three . . . or, at least, move on to thinking about part three, because there’s no time to do much more than think as I prep for the impending fall semester.

In thinking about part three, I’ve realized that Trish is going to be extremely angry with Maggie when Maggie refuses to rid herself of the Mysterious Object.

2 responses to “Progrep 62: Part Three Thunk

  1. Part 3. Controversy. Sounds like things are looking good. Do you start on Monday? I start back on Tuesday cause they haven’t delivered the doc yet.

  2. I officially started prepping for fall semester two days ago. I am deep in the confusion that is bCourses, UCB’s version of Canvas. Ack, ack, ack!

    On Friday, August 22, I’ll be running a workshop for GSIs. The following week, regular classes begin.

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