Progrep 55: Frog Fork

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the characters in Eyes on the Mountain is an author named Spencer Farthing who writes a series of novels about Frog Fork. Frog Fork is a strange little town that makes perplexing items like garlic-scented soap, dust for window blinds, and Mel’s Melted Ice.

Because a subplot in Eyes involves a play based on the first of Spencer’s Frog Fork tales, I had to write that tale. Now I’m looking the story over and scratching my head.  It breaks several of the rules of good writing, but it works anyway, maybe because it doesn’t try to be anything but what it is:  quirky and short.

I’m thinking of posting the tale on the Frog Fork blog sometime this week.  If I do, I’ll cross-post here.

2 responses to “Progrep 55: Frog Fork

  1. YIPEE! the first Frog Fork Tale! I can’t wait.

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