Progrep 54: Of a Froggy Sort

Procrastinatory progress this morning, or perhaps it’s anticipatory, but either way, it’s not adding to the word count:  I made a logo image for a blog about the Frog Fork series of novels written by Spencer Farthing, a character in Eyes on the Mountain. The blog is called Frog Fork Tales.

Logo image for the "Frog Fork Tales" blog

Logo image for the “Frog Fork Tales” blog









Spencer Farthing’s Frog Fork: A Series of Extremely Short Novels includes the following titles:

Frog Fork
More Frog Fork
Yet More Frog Fork
What, Frog Fork?
I Am Not Frog Fork
I Am Frog Fork
We Are Frog Fork
This One Isn’t Titled Frog Fork

6 responses to “Progrep 54: Of a Froggy Sort

  1. I Grok Frog Fork!

  2. Odd…I’m back to my usual Computer and I not I’m still anonymous…Hmmm what is going wrong this time?

  3. Oh look! I fixed it! And without James!

  4. I am proud of you, Jennifer!

  5. That world keeps turning

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