Progrep 35: Brain Drop

I found a weird typo in the manuscript today. The sentence was supposed to say that “she dropped her braid.” Instead, it said that “she dropped her brains.”

I kinda wish I was writing a story where a brain could be dropped.

Not my brain, though. That’s already dropped.

2 responses to “Progrep 35: Brain Drop

  1. You can use my brain. It’s pounding. I wouldn’t mind it falling out of my head right now. I’d even volunteer it to a hungry zombie. Nice seeing you! Zoe misses you. She misses you so much she actually started bringing me the rope and when I wouldn’t pull with her, she finally dropped it for me. Turned out to be a routine on a five minute cycle. So I read and tossed the rope for a while. Shhh….she’s sleeping right now. Let sleeping demons lie!

  2. I’m glad that Zoe dropped the rope, not her brain.

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