Progrep 33: Sensory Misperception

One of the characters is having difficulty with her senses as a result of contact with Something Mysterious.

Kitty litter carousel. Cherry cola trampoline. Tolling buttered skunk.

Can you tell she’s feeling nauseous?

2 responses to “Progrep 33: Sensory Misperception

  1. I think these are part of frog fork stories…and I really want to see one of those some day!

    Hmmm… I see my last post was anonymous…I’m in stealth mode on my travel puter! Muahaha!

  2. Hah! Interesting, Anonymous Jennifer. The play-within-a-play is adapted from Spencer’s first Frog Fork novel, but the sensory misperception isn’t part of that. (At least, it’s not at the moment.)

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