Battlestar Galactica

No, I’m not talking about that cheesy series from the late 1970s (although I loved it at that time). I’m talking about the critically acclaimed version of Battlestar Galactica about to begin its third season on the SciFi channel.

Battlestar Galactica has everything (except for Joss Whedon) that I look for in a science fiction show: believable, engaging, and complex characters; thoughtful character development; entertaining, unexpected, and ongoing plot arcs; social and political commentary; suspense and drama; humor and romance—and lots and lots of spaceships. As my dear friend Jennifer Carson says, it’s a truly literary show.

And Battlestar Galactica has the most fan-centric official website I’ve ever seen, full of goodies, including videos, podcasts, blogs, and interviews by cast and crew. Right now, the site is offering new two-minute “webisodes” that lead up to the October 6 start of the third season. (I’m watching these and chewing my nails.) Podcasts offer the show runner’s commentary on each episode, or let you listen to a writers’ meeting as they create the compelling episode titled “Scar”. (The podcasts are full of interesting writerly tips and insight into what makes the TV series so compelling. ) Blogs let you read or watch other entertaining and intriguing information. And there’s a bulletin board with an active community.

A show that takes such good care of its fans is rare.

If you haven’t yet watched Battlestar Galactica, you might give it a try. Watch two episodes in succession, to get an idea of the show’s range: sometimes it focuses on action, sometimes it focuses on drama, and sometimes it’s all about the laughs.

What do you think?