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Progrep 54: Of a Froggy Sort

Procrastinatory progress this morning, or perhaps it’s anticipatory, but either way, it’s not adding to the word count:  I made a logo image for a blog about the Frog Fork series of novels written by Spencer Farthing, a character in Eyes on the Mountain. The blog is called Frog Fork Tales.

Logo image for the "Frog Fork Tales" blog

Logo image for the “Frog Fork Tales” blog









Spencer Farthing’s Frog Fork: A Series of Extremely Short Novels includes the following titles:

Frog Fork
More Frog Fork
Yet More Frog Fork
What, Frog Fork?
I Am Not Frog Fork
I Am Frog Fork
We Are Frog Fork
This One Isn’t Titled Frog Fork

Progrep 53: Paint Problems

Hisham has painted his face with a lumpy mixture of chokecherry juice and gopher snake eggs and walked head-first into a swarm of gnats. Now his face is a gnat graveyard.

Fourteen-year-old boys have style.

Progrep 52: More Dark

Characters are still crawling around in the dark, looking for a way out.

(I forgot to eat breakfast, and now I’ve forgotten to eat lunch!  Time to stop, or I’m going to end up like Maggie.)

Progrep 51: Dark

Leaves Turning Copper dances in the dark and vomits pain.

(Yeah, it’s one of those cheerful chapters.)

Progrep 50: Guilt

Lots of guilt going around: Maggie has just realized that the settlement’s destruction is her fault, and Hisham is afraid that he’s killed Leaves Turning Copper.

Progrep 49: Bathroom Vegetables

A typo from an early chapter:

“Steve stopped to take a leek in the bathroom.”

How about if we take that leek and scramble it with the dropped brain (Progrep 35)?


Progrep 48: First Half

I hit 50,000 words today, about halfway through the novel. Whee!

Progrep 47: Time Passing

Flows All Ways has had a vision and is heading toward the settlement while Pestle in Acorn Season shakes a rattle over Maggie’s pointy head.

Progrep 46: Thinking

No fingers on the keyboard today.

Progrep 45: Mud

The aftermath of the quake is occupying most of the characters, Leaves Turning Copper in particular. She’ll be at it for some time.

No, she’s not pushing a broom. She’s pulling Raghida.