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One Question, Many Answers #5

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “fan”?


“Someone who is interested enough in something to indulge in it and probably knows a lot about it, in an avocational rather than vocational way, and likely of someone else or someone else’s work.”

–ELF (Author and fan)
Taj Mutt Hall Dog Diary
Word Whirled


“Someone who is enthusiastic about a thing, event, or social activity.”

–Douglas Berry (Author and fan)
Make a Wish Foundation–SF Bay Area


“The appliance, although primarily the miniaturized version used in computers and involved costuming.”

–Norman (Fan at BayCon 2017)


“Someone here at BayCon.”

–Fiddlerbird (Fan at BayCon 2017)


“A cool breeze.”

–Elond Castro (Fan at BayCon 2017)


Progrep 24: Brief Respite

I gave the widow and her two children a brief moment of peace at the end of their scene today.  That moment won’t last.  In the next scene, Kyle’s going to show her his drawing of the dead dog.

Progrep 14: Bone Gone

Uh oh. Five-year-old Kyle has walked off with one of the dog bones to bury it “someplace nice.”