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Progrep 37: Slow But Steady

Every day, a few more pages.  Oddly, two of the characters insist on calling one another stupid.

More significantly, world-merging works even better than I’d hoped.

Progrep 32: POV Change

It’s strange rewriting the scenes from the old novel that I’m going to incorporate into Eyes on the Mountain. I’m retelling events from a new character’s point of view, and things look mighty different.

Progrep 31: Reading to Rip

I’m reading the old unpublished novel to determine which seams to rip and which bits to repurpose in Eyes on the Mountain.  It’s been decades since I looked at it, and I’m reacting differently now to the old characters; I’m liking ones I didn’t much, and I’m irritated by ones I used to find interesting.  That’s shaping my thinking about which of them will appear in Eyes.

There are two fourteen-year-olds I quite enjoy, and one cranky eighty-year-old woman whose point of view I appreciate now in ways I didn’t before.  But man, I really did a crap job on the villain; he’s over-the-top crazy unbelievable and is definitely not invited to the new novel.

Progrep 26: When Worlds Collide

I’ve been thinking for a few days that events in the current novel dovetail with events in something I wrote years ago but never published.  I see clearly how to rip the heart out of the other text to feed this one’s growing wings.

Well, gentler:  I’ll herd the precious beasties aboard, aim for Beta, and hope we’re not hurtling toward doom.