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Progrep 61: Part Two Problems

photoPart two moves too slowly AND too quickly, intercutting among several POV characters (all in third person), sometimes spending too much time with a character, and sometimes spending too little time, and at this point, I don’t know if any of that time is interesting.

To fix the problem with part two, I should either change the structure, or prune, prune, prune the text.  I’ll probably start by pruning, because the structural changes would be massive; I’d have to import sections from part three, which would add even more characters and POVs to the already crowded cast of part two.  If I could, I’d let Maggie carry the entire POV for part two, but I’d like the readers to care about the other part-two characters, an effect that would be undermined if I omit their POVs.

The world in part two has to be appealing.  If it isn’t, a sequel to Eyes on the Mountain will be less enticing.

Of course, no one has read part two except for me.  Maybe it’s better than I think.  But probably not.  🙂

(That sticky note on the page says, “Pestle interference @ ends seems irrelevant . . . “, which isn’t the sort of note I want to be leaving myself.)

Progrep 12: Pushing the Reader’s Buttons

Push the right buttons, and you’ll activate the reader’s emotions. Push the wrong ones, and the readers go boom.

One of my buttons: characters who are tortured, emotionally and physically. That’s a button that’s risky to push. Explosive.

A safer button: characters who have tenuous control of their situation and their selves. Most readers can relate.

A nearly universal button : characters who have lost family, home, country, health–or are themselves lost.

Dunno why all these buttons are about character. But there they are.

Progrep 10: Character Under Pressure

When Maggie is afraid, she makes art, but right now, she’s afraid of art.

Heh heh heh.  Sorry, Maggie.