Test post

I’m trying, without luck, to troubleshoot a WordPress problem on my MacBook Pro.

I can’t insert an image.  I can’t add a new category or a new tag.  The admin screens for my three WordPress sites don’t load properly, nor do the posts or the pages for the sites, in any of the browsers on my MacBook Pro.

The loading problem occurs on all three of my WordPress sites and when I’m viewing at least one other WordPress site (Geek Girl in Love).  It doesn’t occur when I’m viewing yet another WordPress site (the Accidental Antenna).  The problem doesn’t occur on any nonWordPress site.  It also doesn’t occur on an older MacBook Pro, nor on my desktop at work.

The problem doesn’t go away when I switch between browsers:  Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all have the same problems displaying the WordPress sites.  The problem doesn’t go away permanently if I clear the caches or all the history or view the sites in incognito mode, although sometimes it seems as if these procedures momentarily make a site load properly.

Sometimes the “Edit Post” screen won’t load (e.g., when I click the “edit” button beneath the post as it displays on the site).  Sometimes it will (e.g., when I access the “All Posts” display on the Dashboard–when I can get the Dashboard to display properly).  Once the “Edit Post” screen loads, I can edit an existing post, but, as noted above, I can’t add media or new categories, etc., although I can successfully click an existing category for display.

One clue to the problem might be the “Like” function.  A small “loading” message displays at that point on any page that should display the WordPress “Like” button (and, sometimes, the Follow button, although removing the Follow button from my carolynhill.com site didn’t solve the problem).

Another clue is what displays below the “loading” message for the “Like” function:  a bunch of links that belong to the admin dashboard.  When I go to the bottom of the page that’s not loading and click the link to log out as an admin, the page loads properly.  That means there is a correlation between being logged in as an admin and the page not loading properly.

Wait!  I have been droning on and on, going back and forth between Updating this post and viewing it, then coming back to the Dashboard in order to edit it further, clicking the Add Media button every once in a while in forlorn hope . . . and just now, when I clicked it one final time, my media library loaded.

frog-drawing2-200-opt And a froggy image inserted successfully.

And now I will try adding two new tags to my list of tags:  “tech problem” and “WordPress.” Yes, the tags seem to be inserting into the list successfully.  So I will click update.  And yes, there they are when I view the post.

I wonder:  is everything just loading with glacial slowness?  After thirty minutes, things work . . . . Does that explain all the symptoms?  If so, what the heck can be causing this slowdown only on the WordPress sites and, seemingly, only/primarily in admin mode?

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  1. Replying ???


  2. I see Susan’s response and am replying.

  3. Wow…X2. First: You’re BAAAAACK! Hi!
    Second, Huh…odd problems. I’m having Apple slow probs too but in a totally different area, Word and email. Maybe it’s a virus that knows what would annoy you the most and it targets that!

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