Christmas night

Winding down at the end of the evening, playing Munchkin with the Christmas expansion.  I wish you all well and a quiet good night.


What a hand!  Wins the current round and the game.  Boom!

What a hand!


4 responses to “Christmas night

  1. Your wishes worked. We had a lovely and quiet Xmas ever. Happy New Year to you.

  2. How many expansions are there for Munchkin? I’ve only played the “deluxe” version. It took us six hours.

  3. Six hours is lots of Munchkin, Comegar!
    There are at least fifteen expansions. I own and have played seven of them.

    • Wow! Fifteen expansions? That’s a lot for such a simple game! I love playing board games, but we only borrowed it once from some of our friends. I can see why people would love to play different versions of it, though.

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