Oculus Rift

I want to try Oculus Rift. Decades ago I played one of the early VR games, in the ASUC store at Cal, and not long after that, friends and I went to a shop where we played as a team in a VR battle simulation. Even that rudimentary tech was immersive for me–an extraordinary feeling. Oculus Rift sounds intriguingly overwhelming. I don’t want to play the Alien game, though, or anything scary!


One response to “Oculus Rift

  1. Yes! Scary! count me in! I’m like the reviewer, I don’t get unpleasantly scared, just engagingly tense! But I don’t like disgusting gore…Just ruins the scariness for me. I’m sitting there going, “ick” and unengaging with the story.

    So to sum it all up…
    I WANT THAT! Oculus rift sounds cool! …and they are hiring in Menlo Park…Just sent the link to James! šŸ˜‰

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