Mother Nature Knows Best

Yesterday afternoon I discovered two large, bright-green-and-black banded caterpillars munching on my fennel.  I pulled them off, and they spread a stinky smell that stuck to my fingers.  I put them both into an empty watering can, looked them up on the web, and discovered that they were black swallowtail larvae — nearly as striking in their adult butterfly form as they were in the caterpillar stage.  Too pretty to kill, but not pretty enough to sacrifice my fennel.

I placed them in the parsley and basil at the other end of the garden.  When I checked later, they were in pretty much the same spots I’d left them in, but I started to worry that maybe they weren’t eating, so I put one of the caterpillars back on the fennel and left the other on the Thai basil.

Today the caterpillar on the fennel is doing fine.  The one that I left on the basil is nowhere to be seen.



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