“What Dimon [Jamie Dimon, the chairman of JPMorgan Chase] did not say is that having been supported through the crisis by billions of dollars in TARP aid from American taxpayers, and another $1.2 trillion in emergency loans from the Fed, the largest banks are bigger today than they were before the crisis–way too big to fail–and that many of them are generating even fatter profits. At Dimon’s $2 trillion JPMorgan Chase–which rewarded Dimon’s performance last year with pay estimated at $20.8 million and $17 million in restricted stock and options–revenues hit $27.4 billion, with a profit of $5.4 billion in the second quarter of 2011 alone.”

–Suzanna Andrews. “The Woman Who Knew Too Much.” Vanity Fair November 2011: 184-189, 229-231. Quote on page 187.

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