100 Miles

I rode the Chauncey’s Century yesterday, a 100-mile trek from Gilroy to Los Altos. The route was relatively flat, but the headwind in the last 20 miles was brutal.

For nine of the last 20 headwind-cursed miles I helped pull the pace line, but then I was dropped when I couldn’t get back on the line after one of my turns as leader. That was a relief: even though I had to contend with the wind without a buffer, I got to ride the remaining 11 miles at a more comfortable MPH.

Key word in the preceding sentence: “more.” My shoulders and neck were in WAY greater pain than usual, and my right hand was definitely numb. Comfortable I was not.

But no matter. Another benchmark done. Whoo-hoo!

My odometer, showing 101.15 miles

My odometer, showing 101.15 miles

What do you think?