Cinderella Classic Bike Ride 2009

I just finished the 65-mile Cinderella Classic. My aching shoulders! I’m not in as good shape as I was this time last year. Hmmmmm . . . .

Maybe I ache more because I forgot to wear a Cinderella Disney pin this year. 🙂

Here’s a picture of the patch they handed out at the end of the ride.

Cinderella Classic Bike Ride 2009 official patch

One response to “Cinderella Classic Bike Ride 2009

  1. nice – reminded me of the ride back in 1999. Wow, apparently it’s already ten years past that I lived in the Bay Area. Was riding with two friends and we were all wearing corsages and old, ripped-off-at-the-seam bride’s maids’ dresses, having decorated our bikes with a cheerleader Barbie strapped to each of our handlebars.

    Hope you had a lot of fun and will get over the aching soon.

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