Stealing kittens

A little while ago we noticed a stray cat living in the bush in our front yard, and we fed her occasionally. A little while later we noticed two kittens hanging around with her, so we decided we should capture all three cats and get them fixed so we wouldn’t end up with a billion cats in our yard.

After feeding all three for a week, placing the bowl ever closer to our front door and moving ever closer to them as they ate, we managed to accustom them to our presence, place them in cat carriers, and take them to the vet.

We paid $300 to the vet, who spayed them, and then we kept them inside our house for the recommended week of recovery. By the end of the week, the mother cat was desperate to return to her outdoor life and kept driving her kittens away and hissing at everyone, so we let her out. She comes around to be fed everyday, but she still hisses at us.

The kittens, though . . . .

The kittens were cute and cuddly and happy to be inside, so we adopted them. We named the male kitten Roy. He is solid black and loves to climb high in the air–on top of bookshelves, on top of CD racks, on top of the TV. Up. The female, who is tortoiseshell and talkative (“yow, yow, yow”), we named Sally.

Our older cats, Oku and Mr. Green, think the kittens are annoying, but they haven’t fought with them. All-in-all, we live in harmony.

Here’s a picture of Sally (in the foreground) and Roy (in the background).

What do you think?