Web Play

I like words, I like images, so I’ve built a number of websites over the years. Before handy webdesign software existed, I coded html stroke by stroke (labor intensive). Here are a few relics and a few of the more recent.

If any catch your fancy, click the image to visit.  I hope you’ll enjoy.

logo   College Writing Programs, University of California, Berkeley

I teach here and have fun tending the website. (I didn’t build this one.)

boardgame-logo-smallBoardgame Freak

What can I say? I’m a boardgame addict.

frogfork-avatar-100-optFrog Fork Tales

Spencer Farthing, one of my characters, has a blog for his Frog Fork: A Series of Extremely Short Novels.

rocketrodeo-100Rocket Rodeo

My husband makes rockets that go boom!

beautifulrose-title-100Carolyn’s Garden

My garden makes flowers that go bloom.


Some of my talented friends have strange and eerie habits.

quiltmagic-200Quilt Magic

I have strange habits of my own.

Not a website, but strange:  an interview about my YA novel, Bead’s Pickle.


2 responses to “Web Play

  1. Happy to found your blog 🙂 Will check out your Novels !

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