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Progrep 53: Paint Problems

Hisham has painted his face with a lumpy mixture of chokecherry juice and gopher snake eggs and walked head-first into a swarm of gnats. Now his face is a gnat graveyard.

Fourteen-year-old boys have style.

Progrep 52: More Dark

Characters are still crawling around in the dark, looking for a way out.

(I forgot to eat breakfast, and now I’ve forgotten to eat lunch! ┬áTime to stop, or I’m going to end up like Maggie.)

Progrep 51: Dark

Leaves Turning Copper dances in the dark and vomits pain.

(Yeah, it’s one of those cheerful chapters.)

Progrep 50: Guilt

Lots of guilt going around: Maggie has just realized that the settlement’s destruction is her fault, and Hisham is afraid that he’s killed Leaves Turning Copper.

Progrep 49: Bathroom Vegetables

A typo from an early chapter:

“Steve stopped to take a leek in the bathroom.”

How about if we take that leek and scramble it with the dropped brain (Progrep 35)?


Progrep 48: First Half

I hit 50,000 words today, about halfway through the novel. Whee!

Progrep 47: Time Passing

Flows All Ways has had a vision and is heading toward the settlement while Pestle in Acorn Season shakes a rattle over Maggie’s pointy head.

Progrep 46: Thinking

No fingers on the keyboard today.

Progrep 45: Mud

The aftermath of the quake is occupying most of the characters, Leaves Turning Copper in particular. She’ll be at it for some time.

No, she’s not pushing a broom. She’s pulling Raghida.

Progrep 44: Bird Brain

A snippet from today’s chunk:

I don’t need healing, Maggie thought. A Steller’s jay landed on her head and started scolding. She brushed it away.