Monthly Archives: January 2017

History Lessons

History is full of stuff. Choose which parts you want to repeat.

“Come on People Now, Smile on Your Brother,” Youngbloods, Slow Jam, YouTube, RetroDan

If Reasoned Argument Occurs

Looking for ways out of this gesticulating scream fest, I find it helpful to see what Patricia Roberts Miller has to say.  She’s compiled a useful list for times when reasoned argument is possible.

Devil Onboard

 I am thinking of a conversation in Candide:

“The enormous riches which this rascal had stolen were sunk beside him in the sea, and nothing was saved but a single sheep. —You see, said Candide to Martin, crime is punished sometimes; this scoundrel of a Dutch merchant has met the fate he deserved. —Yes, said Martin; but did the passengers aboard his ship have to perish too? God punished the scoundrel, the devil drowned the others.”

Bitten Nails

How am I feeling today about the state of things near and far?  Check my fingernails.