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Firefly LARP Bay Area

The Firefly LARP yesterday was a blast! I got to NPC a booby-trapped corpse, several townsfolk, an explosive-wielding safe-cracking thug, and a cultist whose four-year-old daughter was appropriated by one of the PCs. Shiny!

The next event is in December: Firefly LARP Bay Area

Mike Larkin’s “A Compendium of Selfie Reflections (For My Students)”

My colleague Mike Larkin is a triple threat:  engaging writer, intriguing thinker, and encouraging teacher.  He’s helping his students share their work publicly on his blog and anywhere else it might spread, and I’m hoping they end up with a bigger audience than they imagined.

You can help encourage them by reading their online writing–or even just by “liking” their posts when they appear, wherever they appear.

If you want to peek behind the curtain, see Mike’s blog post  A compendium of selfie reflections (for my students).

At the end, he notes several reasons that he wrote the post, concluding that

mostly I wrote this for my current students, who will be embarking on writing some digital, multimodal essays about online identity in the coming month.

I offer this brief essay as an example to them, and I’m hoping to encourage them to let me share some of their work publicly here. Given their facility with technology, I’m sure they can do much more interesting things with digital tools than I’ve managed to do in this blog post. (Oh, look at that textual selfie he just took–so humble!)

Firefly Game for Mac

I’m thinking hopeful thoughts about the possibility that I’ll be able to play a Firefly-inspired game on my Mac.  I get frustrated when stuff is only playable on a console.  Of course, I dunno how good the game will be . . . .,share_fb,manual

Halloween Tea

Teresa Edgerton’s annual Halloween tea party was early this year but as spookily delightful and tastily calorie-laden as ever.

tea 4

Jennifer Carson, Carolyn Hill, and Denise Tanaka at Teresa Edgerton’s Halloween tea party

Teresa is camera-shy, so you’ll have to imagine she’s lurking just off-screen beside the table.

tea 2

Table before ladies laid waste to the comestibles

Worldcon 2018

Bring Worldcon to San Jose in 2018!


Backstage at Convolution 2014

Here I am backstage many hours before the masquerade at Convolution 2014, as yet unaware of how I am heading ever deeper behind the curtain.

I contemplate the consequences of saying yes.