Daily Archives: June 7, 2014

Progrep 2: Dialogue Drives the Bus

This morning I started the scene in which five of the characters compare notes for the first time and realize that Something Strange is going on.  Because the point of the scene is that they exchange information, I’ve written just their dialogue–who says what, when–along with a few interior POV notes.  When I make the second pass through the scene (probably tomorrow), I’ll add the characters’ body language and interactions with the setting.  I don’t usually do dialogue first and everything else second; I usually put everything in as I go because I discover more that way.  But this time, I’m driving to a specific destination and not on a discovery mission.

Prior to starting the dialogue scene this morning, I spent about fifteen minutes editing the previous scene.  By my count, Maggie eats at least two donuts in that scene.  One of the donuts has chocolate sprinkles.