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“Postoperative delirium (POD) is frequently under diagnosed and more often than not, under treated. It is the final common manifestation of multiple neurotransmitter abnormalities; with features of impaired cognition, fluctuating consciousness and a disturbed sleep-awake cycle. At least 15% of elderly patients undergoing major procedures have POD, with an associated increase in mortality. Various risk factors and batteries of clinical examination have been devised to diagnose delirium, followed by a multifaceted approach to treatment, using biopsychological along with pharmacological intervention.”

–A Rudra, S Chatterjee, J Kirtania, S Sengupta, G Moitra, S Sirohia, R Wankhade, S Banerjee. “Postoperative Delirium.” Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine 10.4 (2006): 235-240. Web.