Daily Archives: April 17, 2012


“‘The Occupy Handbook,’ a new publication examining the factors contributing to the Occupy Wall Street movement – as well as where it stands now and where it goes next – contains contributions by leading economic scholars, including UC Berkeley’s own economists Emmanuel Saez, Brad DeLong and Robert Reich. The book hit the bookstore shelves today (Tuesday, April 17).”

–“UC Berkeley Economists Contribute to Just-Released ‘Occupy Handbook.'” UC Berkeley NewsCenter. April 17, 2012. Web.


“We now live under a kind of extrovert tyranny, Cain [Susan Cain, in her new book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking] writes, and that has led to a culture of shallow thinking, compulsory optimism, and escalating risk-taking in pursuit of success, narrowly defined. In other words, extroverts—amplifying each other’s groundless enthusiasms—could be responsible for the economic crisis because they do not listen to introverts, even when there are some around (and they are not trying to pass as extroverts).

If that’s stretching matters, it seems harder to deny that the routine exclusion and silencing of talented, quiet people has costs just like other forms of arbitrary discrimination. And, Cain argues, the extrovert idea is discriminatory on the basis of ethnicity, particularly against those who share the Asian cultural ideal of speaking less and thinking more.”

–William Pannapacker. “Screening out the Introverts.” The Chronicle of Higher Education April 15, 2012. Web.