Daily Archives: April 10, 2012


“With the sun sparkling off the waters of Uvas Reservoir and an endless blue sky as the backdrop, Scott and Susan Francks alternated sentences. The couple’s voices, along with the occasional squirrel scurrying past, broke a serene, peaceful silence of a perfect morning last Friday. Their words sent the mind swirling and offered imagery complimentary to the setting.

‘We are so fortunate to live in this area,’ Susan said, palms up raised to the sky. ‘Once we started cycling we realized how much unexplored territory there was.’

The Francks dipped their feet into the cycling world in 2004 when a friend introduced Susan to the Tierra Bella Bicycle Tour, an annual biking extravaganza that will celebrate its 35th spin Saturday.

‘We really enjoy Tierra Bella,’ Susan said. ‘It’s what got us into cycling.'”

–Josh Weaver. “Tierra Bella: Ride On.” Gilroy Dispatch. April 10, 2012. Gilroy California. Web.