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“Q: The Pit Fiends seem a little too easy to defeat. Can you suggest a way to toughen them up?

A: Yes. Just implement the following optional rule: Since the Lord of the Pit (Reaper Expansion) departed from his Inner Region realm, the Pit Fiends have resorted to fighting amongst each other to see who will become their next ruler. As a direct result of this sustained fighting, each Pit Fiend now has 8 Strength in battle instead of 4. This increase of Strength will force a character to consider the alternative Strength route through the Inner Region a lot more often.

This rule only comes into effect, if the Lord of the Pit has been drawn from the Adventure deck, otherwise the Pit Fiends have 4 Strength each as normal!

Give it a blast guys.”

–Talismanamsilat. “Pits Space in the Inner Region.” Talisman Rules Questions Forum. Fantasy Flight Games. Web.