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“Five years ago, bees made headlines when a mysterious condition called colony collapse disorder decimated honey bee colonies in parts of the United States (Science, 18 May 2007, p. 970). Now bees are poised to be in the news again, this time because of evidence that systemic insecticides, a common way to protect crops, indirectly harm these important pollinators. Two field studies reported online this week in Science document problems (, In bumble bees, exposure to one such chemical leads to a dramatic loss of queens and could help explain the insects’ decline. In honey bees, another insecticide interferes with the foragers’ ability to find their way back to the hive.”

–Erik Stokstad. “Field Research on Bees Raises Concern about Low-Dose Pesticides.” Science 335.6076 (March 30, 2012): 1555. Web.


“I walked along the side of the drying shed, just like before. I ducked under the chain with the NO ADMITTANCE BEYOND THIS POINT sign hanging from it, just like before. I walked around the corner of the big green-painted cube of a building just like before, and then something smacked into me. I’m not particularly heavy for my height, but I’ve got some meat on my bones–‘You won’t blow away in a high wind,” my father used to say–and still the Yellow Card Man almost knocked me over. It was like being attacked by a black overcoat full of flapping birds. He was yelling something, but I was too startled (not scared, exactly, it was all too quick for that) to have any idea what it was.”

–Stephen King. 11/22/63. Simon and Schuster Digital Sales, November 8, 2011, Kindle edition. Quote in chapter 5.


“Now that water’s done what the sun and the wind couldn’t do: it’s made those landholders brave enough to take matters into their own hands. Now they’ll use whatever means they can to bowl over the competition and lay claim to the only fertile spots left in town! Now the only thing stoppin’ ’em is the Town Charter Amendment #5, which states: ‘no landholder may move, remove, or detonate any outhouse without a majority vote of the Town Citizens…’ Now one thing’s for sure: something’s gonna stink in Rossdorf, purty darn soon…..”

–Product description for Wacky Wacky West. Game designed by Klaus Teuber. Sold by Mayfair Games. Web.


“Alexia detested the very idea that she might have to actually use her gun. Like any well-bred woman, she vastly preferred merely to wave it about and make wild, menacing gestures.”

–Gail Carriger. Timeless. New York: Orbit, 2012. Kindle edition. Quote in chapter three.


“‘Our hypothesis is that teaching analysis can be a way of cracking open a whole set of disappointing issues we see in these papers,’ Ms. Howard said. ‘On the most basic level, it’s reading comprehension: finding claims and finding evidence. Then you get to the much more interesting issues of analysis, which is how the writer is persuading the readers of claims.'”

–Dan Berrett. “Freshman Composition Is Not Teaching Key Skills in Analysis, Researchers Argue.” The Chronicle of Higher Education. March 21, 2012. Web.


“Never approach other animals. Just because an animal has a cute face or is the same breed as your pet, don’t assume that she’s friendly, says expert Nikki Moustaki, author of Pocket Pups.”

–Jenna McCarthy. “The Vet Will See You Now.” Ladies Home Journal (Sept. 11, 2011): 84-86. Quote on page 86.


“I often wonder if the rich man who owns great blocks of stock in the road and reckons his wealth in the millions does not sometimes think, as he sits at his well-filled table and looks at the happy faces of his children, of the poor cab driver who toils for his benefit for a dollar and ninety cents a day, and is lucky if he tastes meat twice a week and can give the little ones at home warm clothes and blankets for the winter.”

–Jack Finney. Time and Again. New York: Touchstone, 1970. Quote on page 252.


“No magic pill. No fairy dust. No one to push you. No one to do it for you. Just one determined foot in front of the other. Forever.”

–Primal Effect (username). Text on an image of three senior citizens running track. Facebook. Posted March 23, 2012. Web.


“Soybean protein is a complete protein since it provides all of the essential amino acids for human nutrition.”

–“Soy Protein.” Wikipedia. Web.


“And when students include counter-arguments in their essays, when they consider seriously opinions, facts, or values that contradict their own, they practice the most radical and potentially transformative behavior of all; they sacrifice the consolations of certainty and expose themselves to the doubts and contradictions that adhere to every worthwhile question. In learning to listen to others, students practice the virtues of tolerance and generosity.”

–John Duffy. “Virtuous Arguments.” Inside Higher Ed. March 16, 2012. Web.