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“On Friday, a group of University of California, Davis students, part of the Occupy Wall Street movement on campus, became the latest victims of alleged police brutality to be captured on video. The videos show the students seated on the ground as a UC Davis police officer brandishes a red canister of pepper spray, showing it off for the crowd before dousing the seated students in a heavy, thick mist.”

–Jason Cherkis. “UC Davis Police Pepper-Spray Seated Students in Occupy Dispute.” Huffington Post. Updated version: Nov. 20, 2011. URL


“Science is an investigation into reality, how atoms interact and biological systems develop and stars give heat. Myth is also an investigation into reality, but a reality of a different type. It informs us of the deepest desires and fears of the subconscious mind. The place where we really live.”

–Jack McDevitt. Firebird. New York: Ace Books, 2011. Quote on page 20.


“One man on the rocky slope overhead was probably just a shepherd. Two men was suspicious but might have been two shepherds. Three men was trouble. When Second Platoon spotted four, then five, they prepared to shoot.”

–Mark Bowden. “Echoes from a Distant Battlefield.” Vanity Fair December 2011: 214-223, 252-257. Quote on page 216.


“Beersheva, the place of oath, the settlement whence Abraham and Isaac set out on their ominous journey into the hill city of Jerusalem for the father’s willing sacrifice of his beloved son.”

–Laurie R. King. O Jerusalem. New York: Bantam Books, 1999. Quote on page 83.


“Sorry! Move from Start and switch places with an opponent, whom you bump back to Start.”

–Card in Sorry! game by Parker Brothers.


“Carolyn HILL,
There is no longer a threat at Haas Business School. Campus activities have returned to normal. Updates:

Thank you,
UC Berkeley Police”

–Email received Nov. 15, 2011, at 4:09 p.m.


“[W]e followed the 99 down to Fowler, tacked east toward Sanger, and then, without warning, there we were.

‘Stop the car,’ Conor said, and although I am usually loath to walk a farmer’s land without permission, we had to step out into that cloud of pale color. We found ourselves in an Arthur Rackham illustration: the boughs bending over our heads were heavy with white blossoms, the ground was covered in moss that was in places deep green and in others brown, like worn velvet. I kept turning back to make sure the car was in sight, but then I gave up my last hesitation and we pushed deeper and deeper into the orchard, until all we could see were the trees.”

–Caitlin Flanagan. “The Madness of Cesar Chavez.” Atlantic July/Aug. 2011: 128-135. Quote on page 135.


“Chocolate Rum: Rich American-Style sour cream chocolate cake filled with our dark semi-sweet chocolate frosting in between the layers and decorated with our cream cheese frosting that is flavored with just a touch of rum and vanilla. The cake is finished with chopped chocolate on the sides.”

–Prolific Oven Bakery and Cafe.

RQ52: California Budget Project

“How have California’s tax policies changed over time? Over the past three decades, the cost of funding state services has shifted from corporations to personal income tax filers. The Department of Finance estimates that personal income tax receipts will provide 51.5 percent of General Fund revenues in 2011-12, up from 35.4 percent in 1980-81. Corporate tax receipts are expected to provide 12.4 percent of General Fund revenues in 2010-11, down from 14.6 percent in 1980-81.

New, increased, and expanded corporate tax breaks and the 1996 corporate tax rate reduction are responsible for the decline in the share of state revenues provided by the corporate income tax. Additional corporate tax cuts included in the September 2008 and February 2009 budget agreements will result in a loss of nearly $2 billion per year when fully implemented.”

The California Budget Project. California Teacher 65.1 (Sept-Oct. 2011): 8-9. Quote on page 9.

RQ 51: California Budget Project

“Who doesn’t pay taxes in California? In 2008, the most recent year for which data are available, 611,318 taxpayers reported incomes of $200,000 or more. However, 2,431 of these households paid no California personal income tax. The number of high income ‘no tax’ returns more than quadrupled between 1997 and 2008, rising from 579 to 2,431.”

The California Budget Project. California Teacher 65.1 (Sept-Oct. 2011): 8-9. Quote on page 9.