Daily Archives: October 17, 2011


“After the importance of vitamins was discovered in 1912, small amounts of produce got the thumbs-up, but healthful meals revolved around milk. The nation’s top nutrition experts also told parents to choose whole milk over skim for kids and to make sure to butter their bread. A government-recommended dinner, other than the one at left [bread, milk, and plain cookies]: milk toast, stewed peaches, and a cupcake.”

–“Eat Your . . . Cookies?” Food Network Magazine. November 2011: 51-54. Quote on page 51.

Fall spiders

Every fall, large brown spiders appear and build big beautiful webs in my garden. Here’s one that built a web right outside my back door.

Brown spider and web

I’m fond of these spiders, even though they catch bees that I’m also fond of. (Later in the day, this spider was busily wrapping up three bees that had landed in her web.)

I think these spiders are Araneus diadematus (“Cross Orbweaver” or “Garden Spider”), but I’m not sure.