Monthly Archives: July 2011

Book list life

Ever since 1979, I’ve been keeping track of the books I read, writing the author’s name and book title in long hand in a journal with lined pages and a blue cover. This year, I reached the final page, and I began to wonder what would happen when I filled it up. Maybe, as I wrote the very last entry, I would die?

I wrote the final entry on July 14.

Didn’t die.

On July 16, when I finished reading another book, I flipped the journal upside down and started making entries on the blank back side of the last page, figuring that I can keep going, back to front.

Now I wonder what that means. Maybe, as I write in reverse, I’ll regress?

Late to the party

I purchased a Kindle yesterday so that I can see what my two most recent books look like in the Kindle format. Clever Amazon, getting me to shell out big bucks to read things I wrote myself.

But I find I rather like the Kindle. It’s simple and does what it’s designed to do. I read in bed, lying on my side, and the Kindle suits that well, being lightweight enough to stay propped at an angle on a pillow without my needing to hold it in place.

For those of you who’ve been at the party all along, here’s a link to the Kindle version of Bead’s Pickle and the Kindle version of Liminal Eyes.