Monthly Archives: November 2008

Cat Gymnast

Roy likes to jump to the top of doors. Usually he jumps from the bathroom counter to the nearby door, where he alternately parades and poses, as in the photo below.


Two days ago he leaped from the back of my chair to the door clear across the room. I have NO idea how he managed to do that–or why he would want to. How did he even figure out that doors have a surface to perch on?

Cat calculus

Four cats in one house definitely demand more than twice the attention that two cats demand. Instead of two cats vying for attention and being satisfied (well, almost satisfied) by getting as much as the other cat gets, four cats vie for as much attention as the other three cats, combined, get.

New bike

I bought a new road bike yesterday! It’s made of carbon fiber, has a compact chain ring, and cost almost three times what my old bike cost. Whee!

new carbon road bike

(That’s not my Corvette it’s leaning against.)