Monthly Archives: August 2008

Summer is ending

I don’t want to go back to school yet!

Relevant pin, PinPics 14716:

Tech meet tech

I’m sitting in my office on campus, waiting for time to pass, using my iPhone to take a picture of my blog on the office computer, write this, and post it.

I wonder if the office computer feels bad about being supplanted in my tech affections?


I LOVE Pandora!

Free, no commercials, plays music I want, 24/7. All you need is a browser (ya got that) or a cell phone with internet access.

Try it. Now.

Pandora, at

Skin cancer

Ah, the joys of sun worship. When I was younger, I used olive oil as a tanning lotion, roasting in the sun–swimming, hiking, biking, playing volleyball all day long with nary a thought to skin damage.

Now look where it’s gotten me. Cancer. Surgery. Uglifaction.

Soap pin

I like pins that look like real things. Check this out:

On the bottom is a box of soap I got when I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel many years ago. On the top is a pin that looks very much like that box of soap. That tickles my fancy!

I dunno why I like these kind of pins, but decades ago I used to draw carefully realistic pen-and-ink renderings of stuff like soy sauce bottles and glue containers, so common objects in art have always fascinated me.



You’ve seen a photo of my male cat, Mr. Green. Now here’s a photo of my female cat, Oku. She’s about 18 months old, but she’s only been living with us since February. My brother died of ALS on February 2, then two weeks later my old cat, Missy Blue, died. Too much death, so I went to the local animal shelter and got Oku.

I named her “Oku” because I like that sound, not because it means anything.

My bike

I washed my bike yesterday. She deserves it!


So I bought a new 3G iPhone in July and have had fun playing with it ever since. Today I discovered an app that allows me to post blog entries directly from my phone. Now I am trying it out.

I wonder if it will let me attach a photo?

We will see (or not see, if it doesn’t work).

Mr. Green

It works! How cool is that. Nearly as cool as my cat, Mr. Green, whose photo appears above.


Yes, as you can tell by the lack of recent posts, I have been LAZY: consuming rather than creating, holing up rather than going out.

It’s time to hit the reset button!