Monthly Archives: September 2007

Why all this biking?

Besides providing much-needed exercise, biking is therapy. It’s taking my mind off the Bad Things happening in the warp core.

Metric century

Yesterday I biked 62 miles—100 kilometers—with my sister and her husband. We did the Cañada loop and then circled around the reservoirs. When we got back to the parking lot, my total was still a mile short, so I went round and round the lot until I hit 62.13 miles. Here’s the proof:

My bike odometer showing 62.13 miles

My legs and lungs felt fine; I went up and down the hills OK. But around mile 40, my neck and back and butt started hurting. Even my arms ached by the end!

More teeth for my legs

After being the slowest person in the group ride up Bailey Road in Gilroy last Saturday, I bought a new sprocket cassette for my bike. Now, instead of slogging up hills with 34 cog teeth on the smallest front chain ring and 26 on the largest back sprocket, I’ll have 34 on both: a 1:1 ratio. That should be a heck of a lot easier on my legs.