Monthly Archives: June 2007

School’s out for summer!

Now that I’ve got time on my hands, I’m having fun upgrading the design on Teresa Edgerton’s website. I love sinking into a new project, spending twelve hours straight messing with layout and content and creating art in Photoshop. The only problem is, when I go to bed at night, my brain won’t turn off; it keeps churning out ideas.

But I’ll take that over a pile of papers to grade!

Buffy season 8

Finally! Dark Horse Comics is publishing what could have been the eighth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer if the show hadn’t been canceled. Zing goes my heart!

Joss Whedon is writing the scripts. What more could I ask for? Cleverly laid-out panels and gorgeously inked pencils? Got that. Xander coming into his own? Got that, too. Geeky goodness galore? Yeup, and yeup again.