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If you've found your way here, then we have something in common: we both love science fiction and fantasy. If you can never get enough of the stuff, then we really have something in common.

I teach writing and public speaking at the University of California, Berkeley, where I received a doctorate in rhetoric with an emphasis in folklore. As much as I enjoy teaching, I enjoy writing even more. I wrote my first science fiction novel in 1986 (an oddly heartfelt story about alien rats), and I've been writing ever since.

Carolyn Hill, 2006When I'm not teaching or writing, I'm throwing heavy weights into the air above my head.

Now that you're here, won't you lean back, put up your feet, and stay awhile? The chairs are comfy, and my latest novel, Skin Deep, is right there on the shelf.




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Cover of Skin Deep by Carolyn HillAvailable now in print from Amazon, as an iBook from Apple, or in other electronic formats from Smashwords, my latest paranormal romance novel, Skin Deep. If you're looking for a romantic science fiction spy thriller, Skin Deep is the book for you!

Riven is a shapeshifter who can be anybody in the galaxy, but who is he really, when he's alone in the dark? Aleta is an empath who can feel anybody's emotions, but what are her own emotions at the end of the day? And who are they together, when they team up to destroy the galaxy's violent drug trade?

Forced into service to a family of wealthy drug runners, Aleta fears her temptation to wield their power, a power she lacked as an impoverished orphan. Determined to destroy those same drug runners, Riven fears that his undercover mission will destroy Aleta as well.

Ensnared in a web of mistaken identities and deadly political intrigue, Aleta and Riven struggle to survive: a shapeshifter and an empath, in search of themselves.